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Digital Proof Terms & Conditions

Made by Cooper (we) where appropiate will send a digital artwork proof which is an on-screen representation of what your product will look like when produced, prior to beginning production.

The digital artwork proof supersedes all prior verbal, written, or other communication of any form.

Due to variations in computer monitors, We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of colours seen on-screen on our website or on any digital proof created for the customer. To achieve the best possible on-screen representation of colours, we use the PANTONE® Matching System to produce the digital artwork proof. The on-screen representation of the Pantone colours, in general, are close to the final product. We are not liable or responsible if the customer's computer monitor is faulty or improperly configured and does not display colours correctly.

Regardless of your design file submitted we reserve the right to alter your artwork to ensure your order is compatible for production. If we will send an artwork approval via email please make sure the artwork is correct for production. Position and angle of the visual is how we will make the item as close as possible. This returned approval confirms the accuracy of the artwork and assures that your order will print as you requested. Delay in returning artwork approval will affect the scheduled delivery date.

No order may be modified, cancelled, or returned once the final proof has been approved and production has begun.

Termination of the order by the client will result in a design charge for the work undertaken by Made by Cooper up until the time of termination as outline in the Terms of Supply clause 12 e.

Embroidered:  In the case of Embroidered Patches it is recommended that Pantone colours are provided so that the closest matching thread & twill colour can be chosen for your order. However, it should be noted that it is not always possible to match the thread/twill colour to Pantone colours provided.

Woven Patches: It is recommended that Pantone colours are provided so that the closest matching thread colour can be chosen for your order. However, it should be noted that it is not always possible to match the thread colour to Pantone colours provided.

Glitter: We use a glitter chart that can be requested to choose or we will choose the closest colour to match your designAdding Glitter to a colour will alter the appearance and may appear different in different light and different production batches. If you have glitter on soft enamel without epoxy coating them then glitter may appear in other colours so to no covering, if you'd like epoxy then please ask but will be added to whole of the badge not just the glitter area.

In small areas glitter may not be noticeable, we recommend areas/lines smaller than 0.8mm will be too small to see the glitter.

Hard Enamel: The hard enamel process involves a high level of polishing, meaning lines on products may be thicker and thinner in reality than they appear on a visual. The thickness of lines may be different even in the same production batch due to each badge being different. We can not show the level of polishing that may occur as this is individual to each design and the polishing operator. Hard enamel plating is always slightly raised above the enamel.

Platings: The colours we use to indicate the platings of badges are for reference only, and will be replaced with the chosen plating in production, meaning they may differ from what can be seen on a computer screen. We do not match the colour of platings. When metallic plating is used, the finish will naturally be metallic and reflective, appearing slightly different in different lights. Plating is all of the metal parts, this will be on the front and back of the item.

Black Nickel plating is the darkest plating we have for hard enamel, and is closer to dark grey in colour. As it is a reflective material, in direct light it can appear closer to nickel (silver) in colour. Link here for video showing black nickel. The Black nickel plating will vary in darkness depending on the design and batch, we can not guarantee that each batch is exactly the same.

Glow in the Dark: The glow in the dark effect can be used on any enamel colour, but for best results we recommend using lighter colours as these will appear brighter. Glow in the Dark enamel without epoxy coating has a rougher texture and attracts dirt easily, we are not resposible for discolouration for these products after delivery from ourselves.

Cut outs/Holes: Cut outs within products are indicated by an ‘X’ on our visuals, and will be stated in the key. If the ‘X’ is not on the design or the key, the colour will be as shown in the key, and produced using enamel. 

Fixing Position: While we take every effort to place the fixings in the correct place, we do not gurantee their position. If the product is usable as intented then we deem these to be correct without fault.

Printed cards: For backing cards, we do not spot colour match. We print CMYK as close as possible to the artwork supplied. Please note that colours may differ slightly from monitor to print. If you supply your artwork in RGB the final print will differ in colour.

Backing Cards: Positioning of the badges on backing cards are as close as possible, we do not guarantee the positioning 100% as these are hand packed and can be different from supplied visual, we will always try to be as close as possible.

Re-Orders: Due to the fact the badges are made at different times and enamel colours and platings are mixed each time we can not guarantee the new batch is exactly the same as previously made, there might be differences which we have to accept if with in the tolerances.

We can not proceed to production without all design signed off, this includes any extra items such as backing cards or backstamp designs, delays will extend your delivery time. 

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